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“The Mommy Mogul”

“The Mommy Mogul” Jayme Washington was born and raised in the beautiful city of Memphis, TN & grew up with a loving Daddy and Mommy and a host of uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends. Her parents, Jacob and Vicki, believed in respect and honor and instilled this principle in her at an early age. Jayme’s grandfather, the late Rev. O.C. Collins, Sr., Pastor of Progressive Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, first noticed her continuously blowing bubbles when she was about 6 months old. He stated that she was going to be a singer and he was certainly CORRECT! She grew up with the love of music and a voice that would speak to your very circumstance.

Jayme attended the prestigious Briarcrest Christian School located in Memphis, TN (the actual school that the Movie “The Blind Side” was based on.) Attending Briarcrest Christian School helped to build pillars on her strong foundation that her parents had laid. After graduating from Briarcrest Christian School in 1998, she was accepted to, yet another prestigious school, Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She majored in Song Writing and Vocal Performance. It was here where Jayme met her husband, Brian Washington, who was accepted to Berklee BUT he was the recipient of the Lee Elliot Berk Presidential Scholarship. She knew of Brian before she met him and was immediately turned off by all the focus on him. Well, she “played hard to get” but fell madly in love with him.

my story

In 2003-2011, Jayme focused on being the best mom and wife she could be which is still her MAIN focus to this day. She and Brian are the proud parents of five beautiful children. She was also very faithful in attending church services, events, and volunteering with local non-profit organizations.

In 2011, they were over the moon when they found out they were expecting another son. Unfortunately, their joy turned into tears of sorrow. Their son, Braylon, was born prematurely and passed away. Jayme and Brian experienced something that no parent ever wants to experience. Nevertheless, with their faith in God and overwhelming support from family and friends, they managed to heal from such a devastating situation. She began to search the internet to see if anyone else had ever gone through what they had gone through. Through her research she found that there were MANY hurting people from situations such as broken marriages, broken relationships with children……loss and devastation was in the land. She felt this urge, fire, and desire to HELP but didn’t know how or what tools to use to serve those that were frustrated and suffering.

my heart

In November 2000, Jayme had her own personal experience with the Lord at New Rehoboth Bethel Apostolic Church in Boston, MA, that would change and alter the rest of her life. It was the start of something great but only if she would have listened.

In 2001, Brian proposed and they got married! Yes!

In 2003, while she was literally feeding Sabrina, she was introduced to home-based business. During her first years in home-based business, she FAILED miserably. She tried three home-based businesses and was unsuccessful with all. She walked away feeling defeated. In the same year, Jayme was invited to a ‘Stay at Home Moms’ conference call and that’s when she heard the voice of Dani Johnson for the first time. She decided NOT to listen, NOT to take action, let her EGO get in the way, hung up the phone in the middle of the conference and say, “Whoa it’s me! I will never succeed in business. I am just a failure and this lady can’t help me.”


But then, Jayme remembered Dani Johnson. She began to listen to Dani and tapped into her trainings, her teachings, and her methods. She discovered THIS was what she was missing! She needed coaching! She had gained training in parenting, stewardship, and many other areas of her life but NOT business!! All the proper materials were there, she just needs to be coached on how to effectively use the materials. It wasn’t the businesses that weren’t working; it was the fact that she did not have the SKILL to effectively work the businesses! What an AHA moment. As she became more skillful, she utilized her wisdom and knowledge, returned to one of the businesses she had failed in years prior, and began to SUCCEED beyond her wildest dreams. Many doors were opened for her. In 2012, she was invited to attend, a once in a lifetime small group class, that was hosted and taught by Oprah Winfrey!!

In the meantime, her husband opened two traditional businesses; one being a music international school and the other a performing arts school that began to flourish. Jayme partnered with him, using the skills she had learned in online marketing, and applied them towards a traditional business model. Within 2 years, their traditional business had 3 locations in the New England area and 3 satellite locations. For the performing arts programs, she began to write various different plays, commercials, and skits. One of the DVD’s fell in the hands of a local Director and through that meeting Jayme started to write plays for performing arts programs, schools, and other organizations. She also began to work as a TV Producer and TV Director for the local Public Broadcast Station (PBS). She volunteered countless hours to help others and one of her missions for WashTone Performing Arts is to “provide children in underserved areas a quality performing arts education.”

IThis level of accomplishment opened up the “Jayme Washington” brand and she began to flourish and
become known for her speaking, writing, training, and blogging of others!

So as you can see, things have not always been easy for her. She has had ups and downs. She has experienced great and life altering loss.
She have lost businesses but returned and SUCCEEDED beyond her wildest dreams.

She has had many failures like everyone else……but she CHOSE to change her situation, receive training, and turn her DREAMS
into possibilities and then REALITY! Nothing is impossible and she believes that if she can do it, you can too.

Now it’s YOUR TIME! This is YOUR MOMENT. You are NEXT in LINE for greatness!

If you are ready and want to experience the greatness that has your name, Jayme will show you, but it will be up to you to DO IT!

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