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Starve your fear and choose
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The best kept secret in the
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Recent Blog Posts

  • What’s in a name…everything.

    This post was written by Jayme Washington// 05-26-2015
    With the Internet these days taking pride on top of the world at a social level, it would be very wise to choose a name that can easily be searched as well as typed without any competition. A unique name is good but you also can come up with a one name word or a phrase. A good, searchable name is very important. . .
  • How to Defend Your Brand In a Crisis

    This post was written by Jayme Washington// 06-06-2015
    Have you ever wondered how to exactly defend your brand during a crisis? The post has already been posted and the damaging tweet has already gone viral….so what do you do? when building a brand is so important to always prepare for a crisis. . .

In 2003-2011, Jayme focused on being the best mom and wife she could be which is still her MAIN focus to this day. She and Brian are the proud parents of five beautiful children. She was also very faithful in attending church services, events, and volunteering with local non-profit organizations.


Success feels incredible — so don’t settle for anything less than the life you desire and deserve. No matter where you are now, Jayme Washington can help you create extraordinary success and achieve real results. Break through your personal sticking points and learn the strategies, skills and methods used by the world’s top achievers to keep their unbeatable edge.


Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin marketing .How to engage on Facebook and drive fans, traffic, and sales WITHOUT sounding like a sales person. How to gain thousands of new followers on Twitter that are highly targeted and want to talk all about your Brand! How to get Your message and Brand in front of thousands that will refer business to you using a few simple steps.

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